Elbow and Etch-A-Sketch

You know when you've liked a band for ages and then they go and win some awards and you have mixed feelings. That's happened to me with Elbow. It's hard to do the right be happy that they are (finally) doing so well, when I really want to sulk because everyone and his ugly mother has jumped on the bandwagon. But hey, it's not about me. This week they won two Ivor Novello awards, for best song (One Day Like This) and best contemporary song (Grounds For Divorce). I am so pleased for them (really, I am).
Anyway, it reminded me that, last year, when I first bought and played the Seldom Seen  Kid, the album those songs are on, I wrote this on my new Etch-A-Sketch. Also shown is a portrait. I am now trying to master etching-a-sketching the perfect circle, which is very difficult; small ones are easy but anything larger than a 2p piece is tough.

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