Paper mosaics

Ah Gaudi... inspired by a trip to Barcelona in 1993, I came back with the urge to smash up tiles and crockery and create a similar Park Güell effect in the bathroom of my old flat. I started gathering old plates etc from car boot sales and then hit on the idea of creating the same effect with paper using cuttings from magazines and bits of scrap paper, and then giving it a few layers of clear polyurethane varnish (what a stink!). It took ages to complete.
Chopped up and hidden in amongst all these fragments are posters of Redon's 'Ophelia Among the Flowers'*, Matisse's 'Dancers' and a Cezanne landscape. Looking at it now, it's all a bit wild and mad. I preferred the panel I created on the wall behined the toilet which was a much more simple effect, starting with dark blue at the top fading to cream at the bottom – it is just visible here at the far right. But I can't seem to find a pic of just that bit alone. Shame.
At a later date I created a 2-sided table-top in the same way, using off-cuts from a job I was doing. I loved the texture and colours and so made a fishy thing on one side and a swirly pattern on the other.

*if you look at this painting you can see that it was originally a picture of a vase of flowers; he turned the canvas 90º anti-clockwise


Pam said...

That is really beautiful. I want to make a mosaic, 5x3, for a banner at church. Can you tell me what glue you chose and what type of backing you would use?

Thanks for your time.

Jane said...

Thanks Pam.
I used wall paper paste to stick it all to the wall, with a coat of the same over the top of each section as I went along. I would think PVA glue would be just as good, perhaps even stronger. Then, once everything was complete I opened the windows for ventilation and put two layers of clear polyurethane varnish over the top to make it waterproof.
The really annoying thing is that I put up lining paper first as a base and painted it white and then pasted the paper fragments onto that, the idea being that when moved out of that flat I could just peel the whole lot off in one piece. But I forgot to take it with me. Ah well...