My ball bag

Or, to be more precise, my woods carrier.
In September 2007 I started playing bowls. Flat not crown. Up at Highgate. It's lovely up there, like a set for a Agatha Christie novel.
Bowls is a great game and and a lovely way to pass a Summer's afternoon. One of the most amusing things about the game are the highly amusing double-entendres uttered by players, such as "nice wood", "good length", "what hand shall I come in?" etc. Ooer Missus.
I kept meaning to buy a carrier for my woods and then hit on the brilliant idea to crochet one. I haven't bowled at all this year and I completely forgot to take some shots of it with woods in it as it looked really good when the coloured rings that indicate the weighted sides on the woods were lined up on the 'nippes' of the ball sacks. Oh how we tittered. (Tittered!).
But just as amusing is this pic of my sister modelling it like some kind of saggy-breasted beast of mythology.


vintagerockchick said...

Very fetching - do they come in a padded variety - to give added ball protection?

Gina said...

That's so funny!

Anonymous said...

This image is enough to give anyone a Yard on!

sinister said...

That's brilliant!