Crochet hats

A few years back I noticed a lot of crocheted hats being sold. And my internal "I could do that!" voice kicked in.
The one top left is made out of 2 metre lengths of garden raffia bought from Homebase for something like £3.50. The crocheting only took about 25% of the total time to make it; it was the weaving in of all the overlapped loose ends that took the bulk of the time. But I was really proud of the end result and it has been on many holidays with me. It went all floppy after I dropped in in the sea but recently I sussed out how restore some rigidity to the brim by painting it with clear polyurethane varnish, which means it's sort of collapsible like a gentleman's top hat.
The two brown hats are made out of brown bias binding. I can't recall how mum ended up with so much of the stuff, but hey. The hat at the bottom was made using a really big hook and the top one was achieved by cutting the binding vertically to make it half as thick, and therefore easier to work with.
And finally, there's a pic of my friend's daughter sporting a small orange cotton number.
If only I had still had the beret-style hats I made when I was about 10...

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