Gone but not forgotten

It is just plain ridiculous not how many things I have knitted over the years, but how many things I have thrown out or recycled. By that I mean some wool might start out as a lacy jumper and then, perhaps 3 years later I'd get fed up with it, unpick it and turn it into a fitted cardigan. And more often than not there are no photographic records of them.
The list includes a long pale mauve basket-weave V-neck which was the first thing I ever knitted, a green leaf-stitch V-neck which was a re-hash of a crocheted jumper I made when I was about 15, a Shetland-style design with colourful patterned yoke, a navy aran jumper, a fitted jumper with 7 different horizontal stripes, a soft pale yellow cotton jumper, a loosely-knitted mohair fisherman's rib scarf, a cream+beige+red assymetrical design, a pale dusty pink sleeveless top and a petrol blue mohair jumper with placket front and collar.
There were also the things I made for other people; a lacy cotton cable top for my sister and black mohair jumpers for a couple of her friends, presents for boyfriends such as a long sleeved cotton rib tops and aran jumpers, and gloves and scarfs.
In the 80s I used to knit on the train and tube on the way back and forth to work... you don't see anyone doing that now. I even used to knit in my lunchtimes!
And at one point I used up a lot of my spare wool making cute little stripey jumpers for noone in particular and then, after they were sitting around taking up (a small amount of) space, I had one of my clear-outs and stupidly gave them all to charity!
Anyway, some other items did make it into onto film:

Row 1 (the '80s): Simple red garter stitch sleeveless top (my boyfriend at the time loved this so much that he asked me to make him a blue one!); simple flowers design around the yoke of a cream jumper (the wool for this one is rehashed in the second pic of the next row); pink cardigan with diminishing stripes; cotton stripey top sleeveless top with polo neck; simple sleeveless top; plain black version of stripey top (I made the jeans too!); my favourite aran jumper.
Row 2 ('85-'97): My sis calls this my Gary Numan jumper; big cream and black squares jumper using wool unpicked and knitted together from 2 others; rust cable jumper; fisherman's rib 'granddad' cardi; thick grey aran cardi (in a previous life this used to be an aran jumper).

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