Home Sweet Home

Saturday 17th October 2009.
What a lovely way to spend an afternoon; Tracey and I went along to an event at Battersea Arts Centre where we each chose a plot and 'bought' a 200mm cardboard house to go on it, which we then customised using the materials provided.
Had I realised in advance the sort of afternoon that I was in for, I would have planned ahead and taken a few things with me, such a scalpel, and thought of a few ideas in advance. But time was of the essence as both of us had other places to be by 6pm, so I decided to restrict my design using whatever I could find inside three magazines. I relocated and replaced the windows and doors, added a stained glass window on one side and a bit of trompe on the other. The whole thing was then finished off with sedum roofs and gardens made of soft furnishings.
Tracey's house, across the street (which I named Makepiece Road) had wood panelling made from pegs, insulated roof tiles, an iridescent pink frontage and a huge bit of modern art in the back garden.
Had either of us looked into it a bit more before showing up we would have found out that being as it was the last day it was going on into the evening and a 'street party' was planned where all participants could be return to meet their neighbours and collect their houses. How frustrating! I'll definitely be going to the next one.
More pics of the event here and info here & here.

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