Willy warmers and Durex wool

I was taught to crochet at the age of 7 or 8 by my Nana and the dinner lady at school. I knew that to start you had to create a little chain stitch loop and then make 12 treble crochets into that loop. But I hadn't sussed out how to then make the regular increases which result in a big flat circle or square.
So, depending on the thickness of the yarn and the size of the hook I was using, what I managed to produce was a range of what I called 'purses', complete with drawstring tops, which I gave out as presents. The ones shown here are not originals; I made them last week to illustrate my point as both are created with the same 6mm hook.
Anyway, Mum used to tell me a story that on one afternoon Nana and I were crocheting away, and Nana showed off her latest design using gold metallic yarn which she mistakenly referred to as 'Durex wool'. And sat at her feet was a little girl making willy warmers. Ah bless. (See more about this in the comments below)
Once I had worked out how to do the increases there was no stopping me. Here is my school photo aged almost 9. The photographer commented that he liked my tank top. I was so pleased with myself and blurted out "I made it!!" You can see the precociousness (or is it smugness?) written all over my smirky tight-lipped smile.
Everything in that photo is home-made; Mum made that shirt and together we made the bobble hair thingies.


malcnhg said...

Mmm, it is starting to get a bit chilly!

althea said...

Glad the willy warmers come in 2 sizes - one for our boyfriends and one for our brothers!

Yersinia said...


I have an old bent plastic knitting needle with a "Durex" brand name printed on it. It's pretty useless, but makes me laugh, so I keep it.

Jane said...

For those of you that didn't recognise my Nan's error, the word she was looking for was 'Lurex'

Anonymous said...

You can read more about the Durex brand of Knitting needles over on Heritageandhistory.com

Jane said...

Anonymous: I assume you do realise that Durex here in the UK is a make of condoms, and Nana really meant to say 'Lurex'... hence the funny thing about me making purses for penises...!