Christmas cards

Last year I made created a photographic montage using images of pubs with a tenuous Christmas theme collected from my pubs set on Flickr.
The card was designed to be a sort of quiz; on the back I invited people to identify the 12 pubs and get back to me by email. I was disappointed that only a handful of friends actually bothered to do this, and I now think most people probably just thought it was shop-bought because it was printed and, to the unobservant, looked like just any other Christmas card.
In the past I made my cards using all sorts of different media; material, glitter, torn paper, even beads and wire, so I can understand why the printed card wasn't really noticed as a 'hand-made' item.
So, as this year I shan't be making any cards at all, I thought it would be nice to display all the ones I have made in previous years.
As you can see there is nothing shown here for 1998. That year wasn't one of my best; the design was a triangle of green fur fabric with glitter glue baubles which looked great during the creative process as the balls of glitter hung in spheres, but as the glue dried they just turned to flat discs.
And I cannot recall or find any reference of what I made in 2007 – I cannot believe that I did nothing at all – if anyone has kept one, please do let me know.
1993 paint splatters using Christmas colours on white paper and gold tissue; 1994 simple computer-generated motifs; 1995 zig-zag machine embroidery using silver thread through two layers of recycled paper; 1996 1995's idea expanded on brown paper; 1997 me in a crown of Christmas lights (hardly anyone recognised that it was me!); 1999 computer-generated typographic design depicting the numbers changing at midnight.
2001 simple glitter glue tree; 2002 holographic red metallic film on hand-made green paper; 2003 filigree paper with glitter glue baubles on dark blue hand-made paper; 2004 machined applique using zig-zag stitching on two pre-embroidered and embellished materials; 2005 crochet tree with glitter glue baubles on white bobbly plastic; 2006 beads threaded onto wire and hung in a window; 2007 photograph of my home-made wall-mounted tree made with garden canes and over-sized lights; 2008 my 12 pubs of Christmas,

Close ups:

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