Two more needlepoint cushions

As above; two more cushions... the one on the left with the interlocking crosses is fairly well-used as it supports my lower back when I sit on an expensive Italian chair at a company I work for in Islington. You'd think they could have designed the things so that the backs moved in and out, eh?!
And, as you can see, the one on the right is still unfinished. A while back I bought a cane chair which had a nasty burgundy Dralon-covered seat that needed replacing. I came up an idea to replicate the cane mesh of the chair in needlepoint. But when I pulled the seat apart I found that the underneath of it needed more than just a new cover. Somehow the project just never got finished. The chair is now rotting away in the garden. But I suppose I should still make this into a round cushion... one day...

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