Christmas decorations

When I was in Junior school my favourite shops were WHSmith and Ryman's where I could buy coloured tissue, paper etc to make things including christmas decorations and cards.
Using my trusty Spotstick I worked out how make openy-uppy tissue baubles and bells by alternating the glue spots. I made about six of the things in various shapes. But I can only now find the four in the picture. Perhaps I threw away the tree-shaped one as it wasn't up to the standard of these...
Impressed with the results, I went on the hunt for coloured foil to make extendable chains and finally found some on a Romford market stall. But the Spotsick wasn't up to the job and so began my affair with double sided-tape, which I had to cut into little 4mm squares! I ended up making yards of the things in (it was yards back then).

Most of these concertina-style decorations still survive today – I only took these pics yesterday – and the glue is still holding strong after almost 40 years (ouch!).
In the box of decs I also found this applique Father Christmas picture I made artound the same time using all sorts of paper scraps plus white wool for his beard – check out the intricate design there! Sadly, he has lost a foot and a hand. Different glue see – had I used Spotsick or double-sided, perhaps he'd still be intact.
And the little paper hearts... I think they are circa 1995. Cheap and effective.

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