Early paintings

I found the verandah painting in the cupboard recently. I am not sure what to do with it. I painted it when I was about 14. It was the first time I had ever painted onto canvas. I had been encouraged to do so by my art teacher, Mr Lloyd. I recall messing about with the abstract lines and shadows and geometry. There was no preliminary work or inspirational reference as it was all a figment of my imagination. I brought the painting home and Mum hung it on the wall in her bedroom where it lived for decades. Every time I saw it in there I used to cringe. But she must have been proud of it/me.
I cannot get rid it but I don't want it on my wall either.

The middle image is my A level art entry for which I got an A grade. Ridiculous really. I didn't really give much thought to I was going to do; I just looked at the list on the exam paper and decided to do a still life cos it was the least hassle. To this end I collected together some of mum's plates and bowls and arranged them on a white sheet on a table in the corner of the art room and steeled myself for 15 hours of painting.
On day two, after about nine hours of brushwork I felt I couldn't stretch it out any longer. Mr Lloyd asked where my prep was. Er? Prep? Preliminary drawings? thoughts? Ideas? But it was still life! Had i missed something? It turns out I was supposed to produce something more than one piece of art! Oops.
So I spent the remainder of the time producing other sketches of the crockery in different configurations using alternative media.
(Which reminds me that I used to do my homework for all the other lessons in my German classes cos they were so slow and boring... but that's another story.)
The third picture is a painting I did of my favourite boots circa 1988. I loved those boots. They were from a Hobbs sale. Happy memories.


Leslie Wilson-Rutterford said...

Hi Jane, Love your shoes pic. I, too did a cool drawing of some shoes back in college. Don't you wish you still had those shoes, I bet? Leslie x

Jane said...

I used to think they were so comfortable. Then I left them alone for a couple of years... when I put my feet back in them it felt like they belonged to someone else... they felt big and sloppy and the heel was uncomfortable. so I took them to the charity shop. At least i have the painting. There are many things i remember fondly yet don't have any record of at all... hence this blog scrapbook. You can't keep everything... I am in the process of having another clothes clear out... my god, i have been holding on to some rubbish!

Marta said...

Jane, these are awesome!!!! And love the story about the prep;)

Jane said...

Ah thanks! Great to meet you last night. Hope t get together again soon