It's curtains

Everyday I open and close the curtains and it wasn't until an hour ago that it occurred to me that these are also handmade by moi. I have never bought curtains ready-to-hang from a shop. I may have bought some larger ones to cut down because they were in a sale and I liked the material, but invariably I chop up the material and remake them to fit the window.
I found these gorgeous red heavy cotton curtains in Ikea. They had those enormous eyelet holes in them, large enough to take a pole. But the window required a different solution so I remade them with pencil pleat header tape and left them unlined which means a lovely soft red glow bathes the room in the mornings when the sun shines through.
The two bedroom windows have curtains made of of single bed throws. They are loosely lined, but only attached at the top edge where the header tape is sewed on; less work, and it makes them hang better.
I prefer simple muslin for 'nets'. It's natural and cheap, and the crinkle effect is lovely. Easy to wash too; just hang them back up when they are still a bit damp and pull them into shape; no ironing (what's an iron? Life is too short!)
Here are some ideas for makeshift or quick-to-make curtains if you aren't good with a sewing machine...
Duvet covers with the buttons or poppers done up around the pole (or a tight cord). Or use tablecloths, sheets or bedcovers attached using those curtain rings with clips attached – if the material is too long, rather than hem them (with stapler!) just fold over the excess at the top before attaching the clips and create an interesting second layer. Or how about creating a row of small holes to take the curtain hooks using eyelets bought from a haberdashers? They really cheap and easy to attach – all you need is ruler and a hammer!

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