Kitchen cupboards and shelves

Back in about 1998 I ripped out the hideous old grey kitchen cupboards and the pale pink marble tiles (yes, really). I've always disliked the standard sizes and style of cupboard carcasses available (bespoke? to set sizes? eh?!) – I wanted something slimmer and less obtrusive. What on earth do other people keep in all those boxes? The more space we have, the more we fill it up and the more there is that flies past its sell-by date. Opening and closing kitchen cupboard doors that hinge from the side means you have to move your head out of the way, so I looked everywhere for thin cupboards that flapped down from the top but found nothing suitable. I thought of rotating pre-made cabinets to make them horizontal but I couldn't find any door fronts that I liked in the right shape and size. These days this kind of thing is everywhere but back then the only ones I could find that were almost right were from Habitat, but they were bulky and expensive.
So I set about making them myself...
I already had the small round-nosed shelf at the bottom, so I added three more long mdf shelves which I fixed to the wall with those standard L-shaped metal brackets. Then I got a frame-making friend to make me some cupboard fronts that I then attached to the shelves with hinges from the top edges. A few coats of primer and undercoat, two layers of gloss and... Voila!  
Working out how to attach the openy/closey internal arms was a bit of a faff though. Then some magnetic catches and handles and... job done!
On the other side of the kitchen I have two little RIBBA picture ledges turned up-side-down as display shelving for small ceramics; well, my egg cup collection mostly. 

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