From caravan shack to beach bar/cafe

For the past year or so I have been busy on a project in Turkey, whether when there or via Skype and email from London.
We started with an old wooden caravan. Having stripped it of all the old rubbish we then recycled all the good wood etc to change and extend it and turn it into a cafe bar. Friends with building skills helped with major metalwork and to fix on a new roof, and the electrics, but apart form that we made it up as we went along re-using, re-claiming and re-cycling wherever possible.

Top two pics show it in December 2013.
The bottom two pics are work in progress from March 2014.
A mix of old chairs and wooden sunbeds were bought from 2nd hand shops which, with a bit of sanding and painting, came up like new. The tables on the sand are old electric cable reels. The parasols we made by welding together various thicknesses of metal poles which we then covered with other people's discarded palm tree leaf cuttings.

The removable plastic outer for the front deck was ordered and added October 2014
I also designed and produced the printed menus (not shown) and created signage; some was cut by my own fair hand from 'sticky back plastic', as just glimpsed inside the bar in the pic above, but mostly I used permanent markers or paint direct onto boards.

Sorry, but at the time of writing (April 2014) a bottle of Efes is now 8TL...!
Now, all there is to do is sit back, sip a cool beer and enjoy the fabulous sunsets.

Be┼čkaza on Calis Beach

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